Sorry I haven't posted or anything in a long time.
I've had a lot of family problems and so on.

So, for the new year, I got a new livejournal. Please add me if you would like <3 byebye! and hope to see you guys over at my new location c:



Hi guys!
This journal has gotten a bit TOO crowded for my taste.
So if everyone would do me a favor?

I have created a journal JUST for my Simming. If you have a sims 2 or 3 journal, could you please add that account, and comment here so I can delete you  from here?

I know, I'm super lazy, but, I'm preparing for college at the moment, and I can't go to every simming journal on my friends list right now :/

here's the journal

<lj user="saranghaesims">


Sims 2 news~!

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know what I'm planning to do.
I was getting so sick of not being able to have ACR, Trips&Quads, and all kinds of other hacks and objects in my game, because my tiny computer can't handle it.
So, my mom allowed me to use her computer for my Sims 2 needs!:)
Which I'm really greatful for! My birthday is in 5 months( February ),and I'll be 18. Yay! My mom said she'll be getting me This computer on my 18th birthday! So, until then, she's allowing me to use her really nice computer.

I'll be starting a legacy soon, once I get everything started up with goldencell's Harrison because he is just way too adorable! (so is everyone else's sims! which is why lots of other founders will be in my game. ;D

I really can't wait! So, look forward to it, and check back for updates. :)

Ja ne~